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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 27, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PST

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a portion of interview with britain's prince harry before he rushed home in the tour of duty in afghanistan. spending four months as apache helicopter pilot. that interview getting praise and pans in the west. the daily mirror calling him a royal misfit. the daily tell graph telling harry toy muscle himself and this from matt lauer and his nbc. on >> he talks about his missions. the missions he went on where he was fired upon by the taliban and returned fire killing some members of the taliban and he takes it kind of matter of m factually. i know you have heard the interviews. what do you think abouty. it? is it okay? >> i was really confused why the palace would permit the prince to give such an interview. why do you need to antagonize the taliban. >> i thought he jumped the shark when he was shown playing video games and oh my god we killed people. >> prince harry has not had an
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easy time with the press, you know. some of it his own doing. considering he puts his life on the line to protect us from those hospital to kill us maybe theab media would think about showing respect to the prince from time to time. call thomas, pinkerton. see you next week for another edition of news watch. >> greg: hello, everyone. i'm greg jarrett, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarter has. >> i'm heather chill ders. topping the news this hour. an american pastor missing in iran has been sentenced by the so-called hanging judge over his christian faith. fears mounting the american citizen may never make it home to his family. breaking details in a live report. >> greg: a fire ripping
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through nightclub killing hundreds in a deadly fire in more than a decade. witnesses now describing the ordeal. >> it's secretary of state hillary clinton a no bell peace prize laureate? one group now urging the nobel committee now recognizing secretary clinton. should it? a fair and balanced debate ahead. we begin with some breaking news now in the fate of an american pastor sentenced to prison in iran according to the american senator for law and justice. pastor is a e.d. be a dean any's sense was handed down by one of iran's most notorious judges to be carried out in one of the country's most brutal prisons. now there are growing concerns about whether he will ever make it back home safely to the united states shannon bream is live in washington. what's the latest on this case? >> family and friends of the pastor fear his life and death
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8 year sentence in one of the most dangerous prisons. born in iran but has american citizenship with doing work with orphanage in iran when he was arrested last summer. accord to the american center for law and justice which has been fighting to get him released he was sentenced without warning for threatening national security because of his work with christian house churches in iran jordan of the acl has been representing the families pastor recently sent a disturbing letter from jail. prisoner there's every day. second, they won't even give that to him. because the nurse at the hospital for the national security criminal, he is too unclean as if like a cass system because is he a convert and now is he a threat. so he is not even getting medical care his wife says with today's development i am deficit stayed for my husband and my family. we must now pursue every effort. turn every rock and not stop until he is safely on american soil. the pastor has been beaten and
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torcherred there is concern about his condition, gregg. >> gregg: any reaction from the white house or obama's administration? >> the family has asked the administration to step in numerous times both the state department and white house have publicly condemned iran's treatment of the pastor. following his sentence today, a spokes american for the national security council tells fox news this, quote: we are deeply disappointed that he has been sentenced to 8 years in prison continued violation of the right of freedom of religion. we call on the iranian authorities to release mr. aberdeen any. the department of state is in close contact with the family and actively engaged on the case. we have reached out to the state department directly but so far no word on what next steps that agency may be planning. gregg? >> shannon bream life in washington. shannon thanks very much. heather? >> horrific scene in brazil. raging fire killing more than
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230 people. this happened in a crowded nightclub there. at least 200 more were injured. the flames sweeping through the club in southern brazil early this morning. panicked party goers. they say they were trying to breathe, gas gasping for air. while stampeding the exit already blocked by bodies. witnesses also said that flare or fireworks that were lit by band members that i about started the blaze. >> this fire in brazil appears to be the deadliest in the past decade. the tragedy bringing to mind some other fatal nightclub fires like this one at the coconut grove club in boston nearly 500 people were killed there. more than 70 years ago in the deadliest nightclub fire in u.s. history. that tragedy led to new requirements for sprinklers and emergency lighting. in 1990, 87 people died than arson fire at the happy land social club. that's in the bronx, new york. china, christmas day, 2000. more than 300 people were killed when a fire that started in a nearby shopping
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plaza spread to a disco. and more recently in 2003, this fire killing 100 people during a concert at the station nightclub, that's in warwick, rhode island, soundproofing foam walls and ceiling suddenly caught fire during pyrotechnics display. >> developing situation in egypt right now new protests breaking out as president mohammed morsi declare as 30 day state of emergency the measure includes curfews in areas that have seen some of the worst violence dozen of people have been killed. just a short time ago morsey said that political leaders need to talk this out. something that they have been unwilling to do in the past this, of course, comes nearly two years to the day after a major uprising that ultimately led to the overthrow of former president hosni mubarak. >> in the meantime, new peace talks are underway in syria
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now about ending the ongoing violence in that country. the head of the united nations humanitarian agency arriving in damascus this evening. she will be meeting with syrian officials from the foreign ministry during a two-day visit there. her third since the conflict began back in 2011. since then, more than 60,000 have been killed, millions of others have been either forced from their homes or they live at the crossroads of constant fighting between rebels and government forces. >> well, gregg, back home now, illinois joining a growing list of states that will soon allow illegal immigrants to get a driver's license. governor pat quinn expected to sign the bill into law today. supporters say the proposal is a matter of public safety and facial recognition technology will help prevent fraud there are critics and those critics say that there have been hundreds of fraud cases, in fact, in the three other states that do allow undocumented immigrants to drive. those being new mexico,
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washington, and utah. the noncitizens will be able to obtain a three year temporary license and must also buy insurance. >> and some new developments in the gun control debate moving forward on multiple fronts. some senate democrats are pushing a sweeping assault weapons band. the vice president joe biden is championing universal background checks. this week, a senate which i hearing -- committee hearing testimony from the gabriel giffords. peter doocy reporting from washington. >> more than 157 kinds of military style assault weapons would be banned by legislation introduced by democratic senator dianne feinstein and she said this morning she thinks most americans are behind her. >> sandy hook, i think, really destroys all of this kind of tales that the nra is trying to weave about young people and guns. >> president obama revealed in an interview with the new
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republic he takes guests skeet shooting at camp david all the time. he he said i have a profound respect for the tradition of hunting that trace back in this country for generations and i think those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake. we he heard from one of those hunters, congressman paul ryan this morning. >> let's go beyond just this debate and let's make sure we get deeper. what's our policy on mental illness? what's going on in our culture that produces this kind of thing and i hope we just don't skip that and bring out political ideas that recycle failed policies of the past. >> ryan's republican colleagues marcia blackburn suggested today banning assault weapons will not prevent mass murder. >> doing a so-called assault weapons ban is going after a symptom and as teachers have said to me, don't focus on whatever is the weapon. get to the root cause. >> senator feinstein said today she doesn't expect a vote on her proposed gun
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control legislation for a while. gregg? >> gregg: peter doocy in washington. peter, thanks. >> well, new reaction today to the pentagon's decision to lift the ban on women in combat, which could open up thousands of front line military positions as soon as this year. some critics of the policy though they say that the mixing of genders on the battlefield is a dangerous experiment. advocates though say that the move -- women have already proved themselves in the line of fire. steve centanni is live in washington with more on this. hi, steve. >> that debate continues in women over combat. even though the policy has now changed to acknowledge the reality in today's military. women have been serving in certain combat roles for years. but with the stroke of the pen just last week. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta made it official. women can serve alongside men on the front lines. some opponents say this could lead to problems with unit
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cohesion and combat readiness. >> my issue here is mixing the genders in infantry units, armor units and special forces units is not a positive. there are many distracters there which puts a burden on the small unit combat leaders, and actually creates an environment because of their living conditions that is not conducive to readiness. others claim women suffer more than men and that pregnancy is an issue. to senator john mccain it's really a question of equal standards for certain demanding jobs. >> i think women obviously are prepared to serve side by side with men in combat. i just want to emphasize though there shouldn't be the same physical and mental standards for anyone to perform certain roles and functions in the military many women say it's just a question of equal rights since serving in combat allows the soldiers
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to advance through the ranks farther and faster. >> we need to treat people like individuals. what are the capabilities they bring to the fight, which includes physical strengths, plus courage, plus aptitude, plus leadership and all the other things we need to have the most effective fighting force. >> military chiefs now until may 15th to make their case to the defense secretary about which jobs if any should still exclude women, heather. >> steve centanni live for us from washington. thank you, steve. greg? >> frantic search for an american woman missing in the middle east. the new york city mother of two vanished during a trip to turkey. and now her family is heading overseas in search of her. anna kooiman joins us live from new york city with more. hi, anna. >> hey there, greg. yeah, we spoke with the family earlier today. this the is terrorist first time she had ever gone overseas herself. the mother of two hasn't been heard from in a weeks. husband steve tells me he headed to turkey tonight to
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meet with authorities and officials. they are investigating syria's disappearance. she was last seen leaving its tan bell on friday night. family members tell fox news sierra is a photographer and left her staten island home to go take pictures. seen here in istanbul checked in frequently. chexing family members. she was originally planning to come home tuesday, january january 25th but missed her family and pushed her flight up to the 22nd. when her husband stephan went to pick her up, she never showed. >> i'm going through a lot. it's very challenging. not just myself my whole family. you don't have appetite. you can't each speak. you wake up crying. your mind is all over the place. but even still, you know, despite all that. you have a hope, you know, and
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you hold on to that hope. >> turkish police tell the family they are optimistic about finding sierra, saying they are checking local urgent care centers and also police precincts. they also have posted pictures around the area where she vanished. steve and sierra tell me their kids two boys ages 9 and 11 staying with family and the brother is going to be traveling to turkey with him tonight. michael grimm says he is also working with turkish officials to locate sierra and get her back safely. >> anna kooiman, thanks very much. >> a fox news extreme weather wr alert now parts of the south still reeling from a winter snow storm. this is a driver in north carolina clearly not used to this kind of weather. although they should be up there in yansey county.
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couldn't the cold snap gripping the northeast really be coming to an end? maria molina is live in the fox news weather center with more on that. hi, maria. >> hi, good to see you. we could be seeing end to cold days across portions of northeast and midwest and great lakes. but for a short while. for the next couple of days warmer air moving into the great lakes, northeast. take a look at first alert forecasts. chicago by tuesday you are talking a high temperature at 60 degrees. hard to believe during the month of january you would be that mild. and in new york city by tuesday, upper 40s. not on the map but by wednesday you could be looking at high temperature at 60 degrees. fen, new york city by midweek you could be into the 60's. before we do get that mild air, we are actually going to be seeing some bad weather in the form of snow. freezing rain, and also even the possibility of severe weather in areas further south. we do have freezing rain advisories very widespread right now across parts of illinois, indiana, the ohio valley, down in through portions of the state of virginia and even north
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carolina. so as we head into tomorrow, you are talking about some freezing rain making it into areas far east across virginia, north carolina, otherwise, for today and also into tonight, places across the midwest and also into the great lakes we'll be looking at some of this freezing rain and even some snowfall. snow accumulations though relatively light. couple of inches, generally speaking less than 6 inches. not too bad across michigan and wisconsin. quarter of inch is possible. many of those areas we are seeing that freezing rain. right now an area shaded in pink across southern parts of michigan, also northern parts of indiana. please be very careful on the roadways. you are talking about dangerous driving conditions. again, the first alert forecast is for the storm to head eastbound over the next couple of days, we will be looking at some of that messy weather across the northeast. it's going to remain unsettled for days northeast. see storm after storm. even severe weather by tuesday and even wednesday across the south. >> very active weather system. >> yes. >> thank you, we appreciate it
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united states senate will be needing new name tags. three senators calling it quits giving the g.o.p. an opportunity to pick up some seats and maybe the majority. our political panel weighs in on their chances. >> and hillary clinton getting set to leave as secretary of state. now some of her supporters, they want her work recognized with a very special honor. we will tell what you it is and how they are going about it. >> and one state lawmaker taking no chances with the future of our currency laying out a plan if the federal reserve has a meltdown. does that make sense or is it it just wasted taxpayer dollars? red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate!
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>> a virginia lawmaker is proposing a bill that would mandate an alternative currency for the state should the federal reserve ever collapse. the bill expressing concern that the idea of the dollar could be destroyed by hyper inflation and it notes that even thomas jefferson concerned about the instability paper money. good thinking here or are they just kind of way out there
1:22 pm
and, you know, nano nano land? brenda butler is the anchor of bulls and bears on the fox business network. all right. i love virginia. the virginia ans brittle at conformity. they are a commonwealth. not a state and they love their culture and history. is this virginia being virginia? it may be. you have to say yes, virginia there is a dollar. that's the issue here. the question is not so much will the fed collapse but will the collar collapse? there is a lot of concern about that because basically we have so many people who are foreclosurers basically foreign countries so much debt. china alone has a trillion dollars. if the dollar's value were to fall so much that people would sell it then the dollar would collapse. that would be very very dangerous. >> the dollar is the world's backbone currency, right?
1:23 pm
>> it is. absolutely. that's why i don't think this is in danger of happening there is no alternative currency. the euro is the alternative and look at the problem they are having there. the dollar has gone down in value by 50% against the euro in the last decade. that's because our debt tripled in that amount of time 1971 the so-called nixon shock of wage and price controls and the gold standard ever since then since there has been dollar inflation. it has been fairly consistent in terms of its value, hasn't it? >> no. it's done with up and down. like i said, it's t. lost a tremendous amount of value against the euro. and the issue is the fed just
1:24 pm
prints money. it just keeps interest. in for the economy. there is going to be inflation. prohibited oddly enough in richard virginia. there you go. look at these. v.a. is going to spend $22,000 to study a virginia alternative currency. that kind of a waste of taxpayer money? >> you know, in a way it is. the issue is we have had, before we haven't just had the dollar forever. at one point, in 1836, there were every state had its own bank note. and there were 16,000 chartered types of currency. so easy to counterfeit. it d bs didn't work at all. during, look, i have a wig n on my chest because i'm a
1:25 pm
nerd. i love this stuff. this is terrific. so, in 1862, to finance the civil war, we came up with what was called the green back. and that was the first time we really had the dollar. so it doesn't really -- how can each state have a currency? the one good thing about it would be states can't print money. and thomas jefferson, the virginian said if there were anything he could add to the constitution it would be to take away the borrowing ability of the federal government, how press yent was that? >> only congress can print money. it's in the constitution. >> >> you have a big n on your chest too. >> >> gregg: that n stands for something else. i probably shouldn't say. [ laughter ] >> gregg: brenda butler thanks very much. can you catch here every saturday 10:00 a.m. here on the fox news channel. check it out. heather? >> notorious. >> and then some. >> coming up, brand new problems for casey anthony.
1:26 pm
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>> welcome back, it is the bottom of the hour. means it's time for the top of the news. a new york teen has been arrested after allegedly sending a message on twitter about blowing up a rival school's gym. 16-year-old stephan taggart says it was just part of a heated sports rivally that went too far. >> the 3rd grader in michigan has been arrested for bringing a loaded gun to school because he said he was being bullied. police say the gun was legally registered to one of the child's family members. his parents had no comment. >> and casey anthony filing
1:31 pm
for bankruptcy in florida. anthony, who was acquitted in the death of her2-year-old daughter cailee in 2011 reportedly $800,000 in debt. >> the business causing a ton of controversy foreign women traveling to the united states to give birth in order to secure american citizenship for their children. dominic di-natale is live in los angeles with more. hi, dominic. >> hey there, gregg. a state sprouting of illegal maternity hotels in a california suburb has exposed a smirky but fast expanding industry here. it ed exploded when a gated community protested against unauthorized birthing hotel being run out of a fenced off hotel mansion. 7 bedroom house had been converted into a 17 bedroom facility it turned out there were two other hotels operating nearby.
1:32 pm
>> they get to citizenship. they back to their country. they don't pay any taxes and they can come back later and attend colleges here. get loans based on the benefits you get as a u.s. citizen and get all of these benefits and essentially not be american. you are not american on paper but you are really not american. you don't even live here. >> it has cause an awful lot of upset in the neighborhood. this is what happened when we dispatched our crew. they clearly didn't want to talk to us. there has been no sign of them since either. >> the only thing illegal what these birthing centers are doing is having lodging in residential zoning. it's a code violation or business violation of the code. i have introduced a bill in the legislature that will increase the fines dramatically. >> well, many different kinds of violations potentially concerned specifically about the conditions of some of
1:33 pm
these illegal operations last year. one place a young baby was dropped and that child died problems widespread because of the demographic. mothers of other nationalities are coming here legitimately to use birth hotels like maternity resorts. according to the center for immigration studies, up to 40,000 a year here, gregg. no data on how many of those stay in the illegal birth hotels. back to you. >> gregg: 40,000 a year. huge numbers. dominic di-natale, thanks. he>> major shakeup in the u.s. senate. this past week three big-named veterans announced their retirements. democrats, tom hark kin and jay rockefeller along with republican saxby sham chambliss. they call it a huge break in bid to take back control in 2014. brad blakeman is a former deputy assistant to president george w. bush and martin frost is a former texas
1:34 pm
congressman. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you, thank you. good to be here. >> the current senate makeup. let's take a look at the numbers. 55 democrats, 45 republicans currently. in 2014, 33 seats will be up for re-election. don't go the way of general elections. congressman frost what do you think is going to happen? >> well, first of all, this is a subject i know a fair amount about. i was chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee in 1998, the last time you had the so-called six year itch when the president's party is supposed to lose seats in the sixth year of the president's term. we actually picked up five seats in the house and we broke even in the senate. but what is happening here is that the republican party actually had this same opportunity in 2010 and 2012 and they nominated candidates that were too far to the right and lost some races they shouldn't have lost that happened in missouri and in indiana and in this last election it happened in delaware and colorado and
1:35 pm
nevada two years before that we will have to see what happens. if the republican party keeps nominating people too far to the right, they may snatch defeat out of jaws of victory once again. >> interesting you brought up the six year itch. brad, i was going to ask you about g.o.p. has to gain six seats to take control. and something that the university of virginia political scientists larry sabato said just the other day, the post world war ii average for that six year itch mid terms is that the opposition party does, in fact, gain six seats. so, can the republican party hit that average? and what do you think about that more right leaning senate that the congressman just mentioned? >> i think it's certainly possible. i believe professor sabato is absolutely correct. we could pick up six seats. historically we know in midterm elections we know they don't favor the party in power of the white house. the president has an uphill battle. the other time you have good news any time you have incumbent democrat seat pop
1:36 pm
up. the g.o.p. hasn't fielded the best candidates and primary system did not vet them like they should. the onus is on republicans to find the best candidates we have. i will remind the congressman when you have decades long senators who leave as in west virginia and iowa, you are going to have democrats lining up to beat the brains out of each other and there t. there is going to be very ugly primaries out there. republicans have field good candidates and we also have to limit the amount of candidates we have in primaries that we can because we have got to focus on the len election. you have got to be nominated by your party and elected by the people. >> in terms of the democratic party, maybe yes, maybe no in terms of contested primaries. it looks like iowa we may coalesce behind a candidate fairly quickly and not have a contested primary. the bigger issue is that the republican party keeps nominating wackoes. keeps nominating people who are so far outside the mainstream like the guy in indiana last time who said that it was god's will if
1:37 pm
someone was raped ant the mother should have the child and like the guy in the case of legitimate rape the women's body is going to reject the child. these people were nuts and, in fact, those are races, brad, that y'all should have won. >> i agree with you. that's why i say republicans have enough notice to find the best and most qualified candidates to not get battled in a primary where you lose the general election and vet our candidates early and try to select the best candidates we can we have certainly got a shot in taking the majority in 2014. there is no guarantee in an open primary that you actually do that. >> i want to ask this question though. you know, you are both talking about leaning right. what about leaning left? some republicans have said that president obama has done that second inaugural calling for climate change, embracing gay rights more than ever. poised to push potentially polarizing plans on gun control and immigration. how will that influence what we see in the senate?
1:38 pm
>> well, i will start on that. each candidate makes his own case in his or her state. the democrat party has been able to nominate conservative candidates who have then won their states despite positions that the president may be taking. claire mccass skill didn't agree with the president on everything. clearly joe man then in west virginia didn't agree with the president on everything. it depends on who gets nominated. the democratic party hopefully will produce moderates. if they don't, if the democratic party produces people far to the left then they have problems. >> brad, a quick response. >> heather, we all know this, this is a fact. we are just a right of center nation. the president wants to take us way left. we know he is tanked in his approval rating since being reelected. we know his rhetoric has been very divisive when he calls for bipartisanship. his record is either going to help his party or hurt his party. i think thateople, especially in very tight elections we are going to see in the house and the senate in
1:39 pm
the mid terms will distance themselves from the president in order to save themselves. >> we'll see what happens. >> in fact they may be successful. new york city soda ban facing some pretty serious opposition these days. very unpopular. hear why the naacp says it discriminates against low income communities. ves you 1% ck on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small.
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>> new york's ban on oversized soft drinks is facing new opposition. the naacp and hispanic federation joining beverage makers in a lawsuit to stop the rule from taking effect in march. they say the ban could harm minority businesses in, quote, freedom of choice in low income communities. let's bring in panel defense
1:44 pm
panel. lisa cohen. fox news legal analyst. this is all the work of mayor bloomberg. also known as nanny bloomberg. he loves to tell everybody what to do. what to eat and drink because is he smarter than everybody else. has he now crossed the line. 16-ounce sugary drink is banned? >> i mean, there is really no link between the soft drink -- let's say that soft drinks. there is lots of other drinks that are sugary but aren't banned. talking about sodas. what about vitamin drinks? there is so much flaw in the ban to begin with. it really doesn't rise to the level of legitimacy for it actually to hold water. >> gregg: this law when you look at it appears to be as fickle and fictitious. for example it doesn't include grocery stores. it doesn't include convenience stores. mercedes pointed out 7/11 home of the big gup is not included. unsweetened juice, milk braced drinks. doesn't the law demand
1:45 pm
fairness in equity? >> can i see what those points, why there is a disparity between the small businesses and the larger 7/11s. if someone doesn't want to buy it. if the issue is the obesity, trying to fight obesity. if the corner store doesn't sell anything bigger than 16 ounces. they will goal to the corn are of the 7/11. that will hurt the small businesses. i agree this t. should be. >> it would appear to disproportionately effect. >> a lot of delis are owned by minorities. bow did he go -- bodegas. >> you are affecting the minorities that actually own these delis. >> gregg: the supreme court has said that local governments cannot pass laws that impose burdens on the free flow of interstate commerce. only congress can do that isn't nanny bloomberg violating the commerce clause? >> especially if he is restricting your ability to purchase this item. that's all part of the commerce flaw.
1:46 pm
i am entering commerce, now you say i can't? you are not the legislative prank that can say i can't. >> just to play devil's advocate on that point. it's not banning the sell of them all together. just a limit on amount. can't sell them in containers more than 16 ounces. i do get the public health interest that's involved and i see why they are doing it. >> how offensive. because i can't make this choice? afterwhat i want to drink? >> exactly. what if i wanted to buy. >> what's next? is bloomberg going to start telling me aftera 16-ounce steak? aftertwo scoops. >> forget the salt shakers they are gone. >> slippery slope argument here that can be made. >> just like mention about energy drinks. i believe there needs to be regulation placed on those. as you are aware there was a 14-year-old girl that drank 2 and ended up having a heart attack. do i get why there is regulation on certain items.
1:47 pm
could the mayor go so far as to say everyone should do an hour of yoga a day and you should eat fish and not meat. >> i totally love the smoking ban i think that was a legitimate concern because of second hand smoke. if i want to consume something, i want to effect my own life, the fact that i drink 16 ounces of soda is not going to effect your life and your life kecia. that's what so outrageous. >> i think it's affecting the bits owner more than the consumer. the consumer stem has other options. they can go to other stores. it's not like it's everywhere. and like i said, if they want to get more than one, they can. it's not on every type of drink. >> isn't that just the point that you can buy two 10-ouncers and make it a 20-ouncer when 16 is banned? so in point in fact the ban really doesn't have legitimate purpose. >> you have other drinks and other places can you purchase it you can purchase these items. it's not going to work. >> bret: all right. note to bloomberg if you wanted to do something constructive. how about cleaning up new york
1:48 pm
city? which is pretty filthy and smells bad. i'm not sure you would know that since you live in the insular privileged world. that's my note to mayor bloomberg. mercedes and kecia, thank you. >> thank you, gregg. >> gregg: heather? >> thank you very much. secretary of state hillary clinton has certainly visited hot spots all around the world. but does she deserve a no bell peace prize? some of her supporters think. so and now they are making their case to the no bell committee. a fair and balanced debate up next. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. now that's a pill worth taking. [ male announcer ] ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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1:52 pm
>> well, she has been first lady, senator, and secretary of state, and if some supporters get their way, hillary clinton could also have a shot at winning a snow bell peace prize. -- a nobel peace prize. they are trying to get the committee to recognize secretary clinton and her husband the former president for humanitarian work around the world. would that be the right choice for the nobel committee? here for a fair and balanced debate are mike slater and garland nixon both radio talk show hosts. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> i'm going to start with you. the petition or it calls on the committee to present the prize to secretary clinton for her work around the world and to her husband,
1:53 pm
former president bill clinton for his post presidential international involvement. good idea? bad idea? >> well, with previous winners like yasser arafat, state senator barack obama and the eu, i think even hillary clinton would agree at this point, what difference does it make? which, by the way is going to be her campaign slogan in 2016. the nobel peace prize should go to people who risk their lives and doing heroic work and whose efforts will be magna advertised by recognition from this award. hillary clinton does not risk her life. she does not do heroic work. i have been waiting all day to hear from mr. garland nixon about what she has done for any tangible effort at peace whatsoever. >> garland, let us know? what do you think? >> a couple of things. first of all with former president clinton, if you look at the clinton foundation, they have donated upwards of $30 million to haiti since the earthquake. they have been responsible for literally millions of people getting -- in africa getting
1:54 pm
medication for h.i.v. and aids. it's hard to question the clinton foundation and what they have done. >> what about hillary? secretary clinton i should say. >> one of the important things she has done is taken the state department in a fundamentally different direction. she has recognized how important it is for development to be part of the policy. so preemptively, she is addressing issues such as hunger, as opposed to just waiting for things to flare up. she has recognized how important it is when people are hungry and not doing well, you have a greater propensity for uprisings and for instability. >> yeah. that's a really break through. >> we have to bring this up. let's listen to an element from last week. secretary clinton testifying about benghazi. >> >> i certainly hope. so i think when you have united states ambassador personally warning about the situation over there, sending this cable to your office,. >> if i could, 1.43 million
1:55 pm
cables a year come to the state department. they are all addressed to me. they do not all come to me. they are reported through the bureaucracy, certainly somebody in your office should have seen this cable in my judgment. >> all right. so she didn't get the cable. mike garland i will give you the chance to respond as well. when difference does benghazi make if we are talking about the nobel peace prize? >> well, asked the four americans, three of from here in san diego what they think about it and all the power vacuums created by our foreign policy lately are not clearly prepared to keep the peace when we get involved in the arab spring. my point to mr. nixon this isn't the nobel gee we think you are pretty swell award it should go to the christian and muslim leaders in nigeria who are working to bridge the police there. political dissidents in cuba and russia. people doing real on-the-groundwork. so lazy to give it to hillary clinton. just lazy. >> garland, what do you think. >> if the republicans had v. spent one/1,000th of the
1:56 pm
energy benghazi thinkingalling l figuring out whether there was weapons of mass destruction in iraq as opposed to four in benghazi. >> i do want to bring in, i threw this out in the twitter world in the facebook world and we got a huge response. people very opinionated about whether or not this should happen. one of those responses, mike, sanveri if alfred nobel knew how politicized his peace prize had become he would be rolling in his grave the entire panel has become a farce. s is it too politicized, mike? >> it's almost as if the award is given ironically. right? that's how completely messed up it's been lately. almost a complete joke. here in san diego, we have a lot of nobel prize winners in chemistry, things that really matter. this nobel peace prizes a throw await a minute i would rather win a prize from chuck e cheese. >> secretary clinton would not be the first secretary to win the nobel peace prize.
1:57 pm
secretary of state kissinger, other american presidents have won. teddy roosevelt. woodrow wilson. president obama the third to win in less than a year in office. jimmy carter won post presidenciy in 2002. so, former president bill clinton would follow him in that respect. neither would be a win. either for the secretary clinton or former president, should we move beyond political leaders? >> not necessarily. i think the issue here is that political leaders are the ones that have the most impact on global policy. particularly, peace policy. so i think that there -- it's going to be hard to get away from political leaders, especially the secretary of state, the most powerful country in the world who takes our formal. >> mike, i don't have time for you to respond, mike. >> gandhi and mlk. gandhi and martin luther king jr. not political leaders. >> thank you both for joining us. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] your smile.
1:58 pm
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2:01 pm
>> hello, everyone, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> topping the news, top lawmakers who will decide the fate of your gun rights speaking out today getting ready for the most sweeping gun control fight ever to come to washington. >>heather: new key office in egypt as the president takes to the airwaves to diffuse anger on
2:02 pm
the street. >>gregg: some of the most popular drugs on the market to treat hyperactive kids are leading to record numbers of emergency room visits. >> we begin with growing concerns over the fate of an american pastor sentenced in iran. he reportedly has been sentenced by a notorious judge known as the hanging judge. state department released this statement "we are deeply disappointed that he has been sentenced to eight years in prison in iran on charges related to religious beliefs and are concern about fairness of his trial. we condemn iran's continued violation of the universal right of freedom of religion and we call on the iranian authorities to respect his human rights and release him." the family's lawyer coming out saying that's tar abedini's life
2:03 pm
is in grave danger. >> eight years in iranian jail is a death sentence. we know lots of cases there and they never let you out. don't think like the united states or western word. this is the beginning of the fight, though. this is not a court that operates on normal policy. if the ayatollah wants them to do something they do it. they do not have a criminal procedure. he gets an appeal in the revolutionary court. >> and a fox news contributor and middle east expert joins us now. thank you, lisa, for joining us. what are the chances he will ever make it back home safely? >> there has to be an enormous effort on the part of the state department, the white house, the media, to keep pressure on this case and help him out. we did it before with the iranian pastor from iran held
2:04 pm
for being a christian and here is one of our own. we have to double the effort and keep the pressure on this case. we know it has worked. they are afraid of the media attention on these types of cases. they kind of are willing to back down and change the facts. >> he was sentenced to eight years and sentenced to serve that time in one of iran's most notorious prisons. what dangers does he face? >> already he has been held for more than four months and was never notified of the charges until monday which is the first day of his trial. we have to realize this is not a normal, there is no due process in iran where we can say there is a system that he was, if he had a nowheral trial. he only made his defense the first day of trial. they will then change the facts and create the sentence. this came out of nowhere, this
2:05 pm
sentence, and you have to understand the way that he got in this position to begin with was the regime not being honest. he came in went in tehran because people say, why would you go back if you live in america and you know we what the situation is for christians living in iran, why would you go back? the answer do that, he had a deal with the government, coming under government scrutiny in 2009 and he made a deal with them saying, they said if you don't participate in the underground church communities and in your church, you can come and go as you please because he has family in iran and it mean as thought him to come and go. he was there, actually, on a humanitarian effort, visiting family and helping then build an orphanage on a family plot. they did not keep their end of the deal and that is the scary thing. we do not know if they will keep their end. eight years may not be eight years. they could execute him. it will take something outside the box and that is for our
2:06 pm
administration to put on the pressure. >> this trial focused on his actions from 13 years ago, first thrown into prison, in september of 2012, by the way, and we will see what happens next. thank you, lisa, for joining us. >>gregg: the national debate over gun control playing out on the sunday political talk shows. senator feinstein spelling out the details of her proposal to ban assault weapons. on the other side, congressman paul ryan saying that gun control is not the answer to reduced violence. >> we go from two physical characteristics in the definition of assault weapon. we ban 158 specific guns by make and model. we grandfather 2,200 weapons by make and model that are rifle shotguns, pistols used for recreation, and defense, and hunting.
2:07 pm
we ban clips, drums or strips of more than ten bullets. >> the question of whether is drill is getting a gun is what the background check is all about and we need to make sure there are not big loophole where a person can illegally purchase a firearm. i also think we have to look beyond recycling failed policies of the past. >> senator feinstein acknowledging that her gun control measure does face a "uphill climb" to pass congress but saying support is on her side. >> fox ensure extreme weather, the dangerous blast of arctic air gripping portions of the country finally moving out but creating dangerous conditions. maria is in the fox observation street weather center. maria: we are looking at dangerous conditions across the big part of the country from the midwest to the great lakes and along the east coast as we head
2:08 pm
into tomorrow with a number of advisories and winter storm warnings and winter weather add provideries and freezing rain so as the warmer and milder air moves north, what will encounter the cold air when we will see the snow accumulate in places and a transition into freezing rain because of a mixture of warm and cold air mass, be safe, we expect it to be accumulate on roadways and we are see that in the midwest and across the great lakes. tomorrow morning, be safe on the roadways and drive carefully. tomorrow, across portions of the great lakes and the northeast, not expecting too much of that, but there is generally speaking less than 6" of snow with higher elevations across the northeast that could see a little bit more snow than that, but, otherwise, the worst of the storm is pushing into chicago, parts of none indiana, and southern portions of michigan, and northern parts of ohio, an area in pink where you do have the icing occurring, the freezeing rain coating the roads and south
2:09 pm
of that it is too warm with snow piling up in michigan and across parts of fox business wisconsino 5". it will continue to move eastbound and by monday morning, for the monday morning commute people in pennsylvania and new york city and also areas further south across new jersey and into philadelphia could be seeing slight, a little bit of snow, or even some freezing rain but the warmer air is headed northbound and we will see a transition from the winter weather into plain old rain by the time we head into later in the day. but when the storm moving out we are expecting another storm system to follow on the heels 1/2 and with the warm air in the plains and the south, you are talking about severe weather possible, large hair and isolated tornadoes possible on tuesday for a large area of the country from texas up into areas of the mid-southwest by wednesday the storm shows bolts
2:10 pm
mar could have severe weather and south across north carolina, parts of georgia, and, also, into alabama, and that will be especially in the midweek foe alabama. >>gregg: a brazen prisonses scrape unnoticed for six days. the search is on if this guy who managed to escape from a michigan jail by actually pulling the same stunt twice. he escaped from an arizona last may by switching identities with root inmate who was being released and after eight months on the lam, he was picked newspaper detroit only to slip away again this week. now, police agencies are working with the u.s. marshals to locate him. >> fool me once, fool me twice, what is that phrase? new developments in the national debate over the pentagon's decision to lift the ban on women in combat. at the gender barrier falls
2:11 pm
thousands of frontline military roles could open up as soon as this year but some say this compromises military readiness. steve is live in washington, dc, with more on that. steve, what is the basic argument overwhelm in the military? >> and say women are not strong justify for combat roles and others say women have proven themselves time and time again on the frontlines. in any case, it is official, women will be able to serve alongside men on the front lines opening up doors to further advancement along the military chain of command. outgoing defense secretary panetta signing the order but many stray is a question of physical capability. >> ing the evidence is is clear combat effectiveness, when women are put in those kind of demanding roles, they breakdown, there is a difference in the physician -- physicalness of men and women.
2:12 pm
olympic athletes compete by gender not each other. >> women have been serving in certain combat roles for years in iraq and afghanistan. >>heather: so, what do supporters say? >> say they there are no issues resulting from women in combat. and say that women bring very valuable qualities to the battlefield. listen. about only line, we need to treat people like individuals. what are the capabilities they bring to the fight? that includes physical strength, plus courage, plus aptitude, plus leadership, and all the other things we need to have for a fighting force. we set standards and allow people to compete as individuals. if they bring the better soldier to the fight, women should be able to compete on equal ground. >> supporters say it is simply a question of equal rights. the military chiefs have until may 15 to raise objections to the new policy.
2:13 pm
>> thank you, steve. >> we are also following the latest developments on a horrific nightclub fire in brazil that killed more than 230 people. grieving family members are gathering now at the scene as investigators figure out how this could happen. a reporter great global radio news joins us on the phone. any idea what caused the fire and what is the latest on those who died? >> yes, according to eyewitnesses the fire starts when a member of the band that was playing inside the club had a player and sparks caught fire and that caused a stampede of people to leave and some were trampled, and the main cause of death, however, has been affixation from smoke, possibly when they tried to leave, and that a security guard trying to stop people from leaving because
2:14 pm
they thought people were trying to escape without paying their bills. we should stress, once the security guards released there was a fire, they did on the doors but there are questions about the safety and security issues, were the doors big enough, and these are questions that the police and authorities will look into right now. >> andrew, has everyone be accounted for? could the death toll still rise? >> well, the death toll right now is 233, authorities have announced the names of most of the dead and a few people did not have i.d. on them and they are waiting to identify a few of the people but we do not thing it will rise much higher, we do not think it will rise: if it does raise it will be through some of the more than 100 people who were in the hospital right now being treat for the their
2:15 pm
injuries. >>gregg: thank you, andrew, from global radio news. >> now to a developing situation in egypt. president morsi declaring a state of emergency in the face of escalating protests and deadly violence there. he is instituting a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. starting tonight. his power grab had prompted violent clashes including one this weekend that left 40 people dead and that was in the central port city. >> an american wife and mother of two vanishing without a trace in the middle east, the desperate search and what her family is doing to try to find her. >>heather: putting that purchase on your plastic might cost you a little bit more. we will explain. >>gregg: tv reporter on a dangerous beat.
2:16 pm
>> we will tell you about the reporter and the goat. red lobster's 30 shrimp. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's 30 shrimp! for $11.99 pair any two shrimp selections on one plate! like mango jalapeño shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. just $11.99. offer ends soon! i'm ryon stewart, and i sea food diffently.
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>>gregg: and now a quick check of the headlines, a search underway for an american mother of two missing in turkey. the woman vanished during a trip her family is headed overseas, now, to look no the 33-year-old mother who hasn't been heard from since monday. >> a french and mali troops are pressing to a stronghold of al qaeda linked to terrorists in northern mali and the fighting rages on in syria as u.n. and officially arrives with aid. rebels are clashing with president assad's forces in southwestern damascus. >> swiping your plastic could cost you more. starting today, stores in 40 states can charge a fee for accepting mastercard and visa.
2:21 pm
that could be up to 4 percent of your purchase. it is the result of a settlement between retailers and the big banks so we will bring in senior business correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears" on the fox business network. so, we mentioned briefly where this came from but tell us of the background of the fee. >> retailers were upset they were being charged when you use a credit card, they had to pay the bank for mastercard and visa a certain percent so the settlement came about they got cash, $7.5 billion in cash and now they are allowed to charge us, consumers, for the swipe fee. >> that does not make sense. how do we know if they implement the fee? >> that is important. it doesn't make any sense to do this. if you spend $200 on a credit card you will pay $8 on top of that just for the privilege of
2:22 pm
using your mass dick and you are probably all paying an annual fee owe whatever so the retailers have to put up a sign that says they are going to do that, the issue, though, is with online transactions, you do not find out until the end of your transaction and by that time you are so invested in filling out everything that most people think they will continue to just pay. >>heather: do we have any option? >> yes, we consumers, do not go to the places that charge this. the truth is, i don't think this is going to be such a huge issue becausic in this environment retailers are not going to be able to add that extra fee because people will just go elsewhere. we saw this happen when bank of america says they were going to charge fees on debit cards. this was a huge public outcry. a woman got online and started a petition. absolutely. so, bank of america backed off. the same thing is going to happen here. the issue is the people, the
2:23 pm
retailers that get hardest of the mom-and-pop businesses, the small businesses and they cannot afford to lose the customers so chances are they have to pay this used position of their revenue when they use the swipe fees so, they get hit hard but i doubt they will use it. >>heather: is this just the beginning of what we may see down the road more and more fees to use our credit card? like we saw with airline industry, more and more fees to add up and hopefully make up for the losses? >> we can just walk the walk and talk the talk, the truth is, you just away. in the end, competition is going to make a difference here. with airlines, yes, there were, it was mainly taxes that were added on in terms of surcharges, but in this we do not have to use our credit card. do not go to the places that charge you. it will nature be a huge issue
2:24 pm
because in these tough economic times can you not afford to add that were more to a opinion's transaction. >> thank you, we appreciate it, brenda. we appreciate it. brenda has some experience with your next story, gregg. >>gregg: one of the first stories, she shared the camera with a goat. >> you have to explain. >>gregg: you were milking a goat. >> in my first job in reno, nevada workers i earned $5 an hour. i still do not have the tape. >> how about this tv reporter, learning a valuable lesson.
2:25 pm
>> very friendly, from the county fair, for abc7. would you not eat my pants? ahhhh! >>gregg: that has to hurt. >> florida reporter was doing a story of kid whose raise small livestock and this is a reporter's nightmare, but it does make for a great blooper tape. she was not injured and she had a sense of humor and did not let the filly get her "get." >>heather: burt reynolds in the hospital this weekend suffering from a severe case of the flu. we have brand new information and an update on his position. >>gregg: new fallout from the inaugural call to arms, our political insiders are here and they will look at the war of words being fought on both sides.
2:26 pm
>> the inauguration leads us to conclude he is not looking to moderator move in the middle but looking to move further to the west and wants to fight us every step of the way. i don't think that is good for anyone in the country. s ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights. ♪ feed the senses. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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call the number on your screen. [♪...] >>heather: it is 9 bottom of the hour. president obama moving forward to reform immigration. the president is expected to kickoff the push with a speech in las vegas that will be on tuesday. he will lay out more specifics during the "state of the union" address on february 12. casey anthony filing for bankruptcy according to court documents in florida. she was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter in 2011, is $800,000 in debt. >> and actor burt reynolds is
2:31 pm
feeling better after being hospitalized with the flu. he was undergoing treatment for dehydration and is expected to make a full recovery. >>gregg: president obama wrapping up the first week of his second term in office. the speech triggering strong reaction over entitlement we programs defense. >> the commitments we make for each other through medicare, medicaid, and social security, do not sap our initiative but strengthen us. they do not make us a nation of take others. they free us to take the risks to make this country great. >>gregg: so, is the president turning hard left? will the republicans cave? we bring in john leboutillier, former republican congressman from new york, pat caddell, fox news contributor, former pollster for president carter,
2:32 pm
and doug schoen, former pollster for pick. even "new york times" front banner headlights, obama's clinton role agenda calling it liberal. >> the president wants to be a transformational president not by moving to the center but by pushing an agenda that involves higher taxes, more spending on social programs and no cuts in entitlements. we have problems with the debt, deficit, and entitlements and unless we take them on we do the country a disservice. >> it is like "i gotcha" and here is the real thing. bigger government and more taxes. what was interesting about the speech, it was so uncompromising in the sense there was no discussion whatever about the
2:33 pm
economy. i heard nothing about the economy or nothing about debt or the fact this country is going broke, it was about expanding government. as doug said, it, in an effort to move left, the reality of the times is going to fit in but he has made his hard play. that is what it was. >>gregg: americans want the deficit to be addressed but without medicare cuts. look poll, 58 percent, no cuts. what tour make of this? >> and 89 percent of the people do not want to change anything to do with medicare. the speech that he made, i agree, it is a left wing speech but done in the context, i can get away with it. the republicans have collapsed. they are in disarray. that line, they do not make us a
2:34 pm
nation of takers, he is bringing up the 47 percent comment by romney, still a political speech, the republicans are nonexistent in this debate. they cannot counter him and offer up a solution to medicare or entitlement programs. >> not a call for inaugural address, a call to unity to a nation of big purpose. it was, i have an agenda and i will jam it through. >> my way or the highway. he is getting his way, is he not, because the g.o.p. is now caved on the fiscal cliff and now they have extended the debt ceiling to another we three months tied to pay. what is the strategy? >> i don't think the g.o.p. have one. i saw a high ranking aide to the house leadership this weekend and he told me that --. >> hobnobbing with powerful people. >> they said they turned the corner and this was a shrewd move. i see it as you, a real problem
2:35 pm
that indicates that at best the republicans have tactical responses. bottom line, the spot getting his way. >> shell shocked from the election or leaderless or both or what? >> all of it. they did not think they would lose as badly as they did right up to election night. they have never gotten a handle on why, and we have a faction of hard right tea party people in the republican caucus in the house that will not let the moderate members, even really talk to obama, talking or compromise is out. >> was there an agenda missing? >> growing the economy. >> they are the most strategic group of people. though can not figure out what they believe in and how to fight obama. >> are they on the wrong side of social issues? >> shear what they should do. they could be on some of it but
2:36 pm
it is not the social issues but the big questions. the country is going broke. and want not be big government but they cannot frame it in a way that says we don't care. >> what about speaker boehner and mcconnell and the leadership. >> there is no pro growth agenda to create jobs. there is nothing aspirational. you are right on social issues. there is no tolerance. bottom line, there is nothing for a voter to --. >> here is speaker boehner, react to what he said about the president. take a listen to this. >> so, we over the next 22 months, we will be the focus of this administration, as they attempt to annihilate the republican party. let me just say, i do believe that is their goal, to shove us into the dust bin of history. >>gregg: is he right? >> of course, but what president
2:37 pm
doesn't try to annihilate the opposition especially if they help him do it. in this case the republicans have each time they have negotiated with the president, going in the summer of 2011, they have turned down a deal that was better than the next offer they got and they have kept doing it. can you call it kicking the can down the road but i call it them surrendering. >> here is the point. delaying the debt ceiling, which i said they need to do to -- what are they buying with the few months? not bad forcing the senate to address the budget but what they are not doing, we are not having a national discussion of the medicare numbers we were talking about. we are not having a diagnostic consensus in this country. that, my god, we are going broke which gets you -- they do not go --. >> and i say one thing? the word was used
2:38 pm
"transformational" and doug said he wants to transform into more of a liberal president. where he ought to be, and we are political insiders association i would give him this political advise, he wanted to be a ronald reagan. he wanted to a transformational president. just as only nixon could go to china, only an african-american re-elected democratic president we can be the guy to take the entitlements and fix them for the long term but he doesn't want to. >> he wants to expand them and transform america. >> they will be bankrupt. >> johnson and fdr got circumstances percent of the vote. >> the new mantra, is debt doesn't matter. >> someone else's problems. >> we will take a quick break. tempers flaring, voices prices, during secretary of state,
2:39 pm
hillary clinton's long awaited testimony on the benghazi terror attack. did we get any closer to the truth of what happened? our insiders are back in a moment. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection ask your rheumatologist about humira, to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damag >> and now an american pastor held in iran has been sentenced to eight years behind bars. the family of the pastor fears for his life. he has been ordered to serve the term in one of the country's most notorious prisons. investigators say they think a flare or a fire work may have caused a united work fire in brazil. 230 people were killed as they tried to get out of the only exit of the club. >> gasoline prices are slowly climbing. rising an average of two cents a gallon over the past two weeks. some think the increase could be due to the hostage crisis at a
2:44 pm
national gas plant in algeria. >> getting testy during secretary of state, hillary clinton's testimony on the benghazi attack. she losing her cool at one point over a question from republican senator ron johnson. listen to had exchange. >> we were mislid there were protests and something sprang from that, an assault sprang from that and that was asserted it was not the fact. the american people could have known that in days. our we had four dead men. what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to politic out what happened and do what with can to prevent it from happening again, senator. >> what difference does it make who killed the four brave americans? besides the drama, did we get
2:45 pm
the truth of what happened in benghazi? let me help you with the answer, the answer is, no. john leboutillier, panot caddell and doug schoen. >> secretary clinton was impassioned, she did not fully answer the questions, you are right. she took responsibility, foisted it off on lower level people, protected the president, and bottom line? it was a wonderful performance that puts her in line to be the nominee for the president. >> was it a deal? >> we will get to that because of the -- look, the 60 minute thing. >> she and the president --. >> she allowed the lie to continue, the fabrication, as the president calls up 60 minutes to put her on the air so
2:46 pm
he can pay her off for protecting him on benghazi which is unprotectable. >> you are saying the president is paying off hillary clinton tonight? >> what do you think this? >> endorsement for president. >> it is a call to pay off. a difference. joe biden, poor joe, but, anyway, the thing is, let me say this, this was made possible by the second great republican guide: incorn -- incompetent. >> they have pushed since before christmas do have hillary clinton testify and they blew it^. >> you have only five minutes, you have to organize. after the dive that romney did, taking the issue down and the mainstream press going along this was to be our moment for
2:47 pm
the truth and we got nothing. >> we did not get the truth. >> back to what you were alleging, that the president is essentially, this is a pay off on "60 minutes." is he endorsing her for next time? >> the president calling "60 minutes" saying i want time, and every network gives the president time when hes and, this is, in my judgment, tantamount to saying, i am anointing her as the effective head of the democratic party and the nominee if she wants it. >> what you have tonight, the people who buried the stuff they had the day after benghazi, you will see how tough they are, they will not be. >>gregg: this is a big wet kiss. you know what, the whole thing has been a tragic spectacle. the four people who died, the four people and their families --. >>gregg: you the herd. it doesn't matter.
2:48 pm
>> there was no senator, ron johnson asked the right question, she gives the antiwas despicable and no one comes and challenges her. >> it matters because it prevents this from ever happening again. >> how about punishing those who did it. >> i give kudos to pats who for months on the show we have called the republican party, because of incidents like this the stupid party, and, finally, this past week at the republican national committee meeting in charlotte, governor jindal of louisiana came out and said i am tired of us being the stupid party. maybe they are figuring out their behavior in public actions is killing the party. they should be listening to "political insiders." we have said this before, governor, rather, pick bill clinton pick helped obama immensely at the convention. he won the election for obama.
2:49 pm
i think, tonight, this is part of the zeal, the pay off has been a long time in coming and pat jokingly mentioned, but i don't biden who should be the loyal vice president, who was shaking hands at the inaugural parade, he is out. >> that is what loyalty buys you. >> to clinton's credit, they turned the situation that presented the country and hillary clinton with --. >> i said she should be the nominee before. >> that performance i have to tell you, i was ill after watching six hours of this. >> she will be the nominee. >> maybe she will be president. >>gregg: got to go. gentleman, thank you very much. you can get more from our insiders each monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern live and they will be back here next sunday and follow them on twitter.
2:50 pm
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>>gregg: new warning for patients. emergency rooms are seeing a sharp rise in visits for adhd medication and not necessarily for kids with the condition. >>heather: a report fines in
2:54 pm
five years the number of e.v. visits doubled because some teens and young adults are using adhd drugs recreationally. now, we bring in a practicing internist and faculty from new york university school of medicine. the numbers, we are talking going from 13,000 to 31,000 visits. this is not just medical uses but who should be taking adhd medication? >> the point is important, the abuse is not for medically prescribed indication, amphetamines, the main treatment for adhd that affects 5 percent or 8 percent of young adults and kids, too, the medications are very effective when prescribed appropriately, they can be very safe. whatever finding people are using amphetamines to get high, to create euphoria and they
2:55 pm
require a higher dose than are prescribed in a normal setting. they are combining it with other substances, including alcohol. you mix alcohol with an add-type medication and you have a bonfire. that is very dangerous. >>heather: people use it for weight loss. >>guest: again, the drugs have collateral damage. if reality, weight loss is collateral damage when you give it to kids. you do not want them to lose weight. of course, we have an overweight population they are going to look for drugs that assist them. again, they are not being -- when prescribed appropriately and taken appropriately the drugs are very safe. in reality, the data suggests when you treat a child or young adult with add or adhd with one of these drugs you reduce the likelihood they will turn to other substances such as cocaine or alcohol and marijuana.
2:56 pm
it is interesting idea, when you treat and settle the brain down, is what you could with some of the drugs, they have less abuse. if you have adhd and you drive a car, you are not paying attention and you will get a car accident. it is not a criticism of the drugs or the condition, it is the patients or the victims who use them who do not have the continue. >> what do parents do if their child is --. >> look at your kid. if they are not sleeping and losing weight and agitated, you know you have a potential problem. as a physician, i can not it will you how many people come to me but if they come each week for the same medication you know they are abusing it. it is a 30-day politician. i don't care if your dog ate the pills or lost the pills. it is amazing they "lose" these
2:57 pm
drugs. >> they use the prescriptions for the kids and the parents take the medication. >> parents have add, and you do not grow out of this, so there is likelihood of a young adult, if you have it as a child, you have 75 percent chance of having it, you lose the hyper activity but you still have the inattention and lawyers, doctors, real professionals, the drugs, when prescribed repeatedly are safe and effective. >>gregg: dr. lamm, thank you. >>heather: have a great week. see you back, next weekend, same time. ♪ ooh baby, looks like you need a little help there ♪
2:58 pm
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